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Counting down…a few more days, or hours, depending on who you are and how you’re counting.

Tonight I’m eagerly restless (2am posting should give a hint!) about all that’s to come this weekend at our Annual Convention.

Another great experience that’s in store for you this week?


Yes, Stephen Cherniske. Brilliant Biochemist, acclaimed author, part-time Comedian, could-be-GQ-model with his sophisticated and soothing FM-voice, man of many talents but hyper-passionate about one in particular: your health–and how you can achieve your potential.

And, he’s going to be presenting a lot this weekend at the Convention. For those that can’t get enough of Stephen, he’s going to be leading Yoga on Friday and Saturday morning and will continue with a “Wellness Workshop”, hosted by him but joined by some other great speakers, on Sunday morning. During Convention he’ll be talking about current products, new scientific developments, providing hints of products to come, and sharing ways you can be a better physical you.

Beyond this, we’re also extending his reach and most importantly the impactful and life-changing impact of our products by posting some of the great information available on YouTube. Here’s the link for just an early sampling of what’s to come.

See you in a few days…

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7 Replies to “Products Oh Sweet Products”

  1. Good question…If you’re coming to Convention in a few days you’ll see the new one firsthand. Thereafter, the new Xtra video will be posted in the weeks following. See you soon!

  2. These are great! Will we also see Stephen videos on other core products, such as Aloe Gold and Regenicare?

    See you this weekend!

  3. Drew – Unless it’s been taken down there is one on Aloe Gold. πŸ™‚ kathi

  4. Hi Rich, I wanted to let you know that Reagan is actually “Beaker”. Although, I think “Meeper” sounds way more hilarious! And, hearing you say it was even funnier! Here’s a YouTube Clip I think you and Reagan will both enjoy! Thanks again for a very fun 2008 Convention!!

    Darci Berndt

  5. Like you new blog site, I just joined twitter myself. I won’t be seeing you for the next few months but will continue to check up on your blogs as I am able. Medical complications have restricted me close to home for at least three months to six months. So I striving to do the business from home. Be blessed in all that you do and keep your followers informed often.

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