The Significance of Steadfastness

hainan-sunsetTonight we arrived in Hainan Island, the southern most part of China. A gorgeous island that could be compared to the grandeur of Hawaii but with a different charm and atmosphere uniquely its own. I’ve never been to Vietnam, but it has what I imagine to be that sense of flair from the somewhat steamy–though comfortable–atmosphere and developing yet rustic countryside riddled with road side rice patties on the way to our hotel.

It’s not only home to Hainan Aloecorp manufacturing, the official unveiling which occurs tomorrow, but also home to VeraResort–what will be a world class spa and destination resort that will be unrivaled on this Island, and among the best in this hemisphere.

the-bus-ride-to-hainanTonight Bill hosted a special dinner for the Field Leadership Council, he also invited two other guests: ECONET CEO, Stuart Ochiltree, and the very first Aloecorp employee who was a college friend–JJ (who is now an entrepreneur and remains close friends with Bill). It was a special evening of laughter, fellowship, and reflection; every time I am around Bill I am amazed. He is, truly, the real deal. A man of great conviction, vision, character, and perseverance. His commitment is among the most steadfast I have seen, and there are many examples of this within ECONET. Tonight, he used Unigen as an example, where for well over a decade the organization didn’t turn a profit (though today it is very successful and profitable). A business in which, despite many years of investment, he continued forward in what he knew would be the right thing to do that yielded the right outcome.

the-landscape-en-routeI mentioned in one of my first posts the magic of vision coupled with commitment. This is exactly what I was referring to, and it makes me honored and privileged to be a part of it. All across North America, I know there are many other people who feel the same way that are uniquely attached to the vision he leads, initiated by his late father. It is special that every one of us, regardless of where we live, how long we have been involved in the business, and regardless the capacity or rank (new Associates to Blue Diamonds, Customer Care agents to the Chief Executive Officer) can have a meaningful and lifelong impact in this cause.

rice-fields1I expect there are some leaders who also wish they were on this trip; truly, I wish you were here as well. And, someday you will be. For now, I feel it’s appropriate to share that those of us who are here represent you and share in this privilege to take what we have learned about Bill, the Company, the resources, and to utilize this to further instill the goodness and breath of what makes this Company so unique.

Tonight Bill shared stories of commitment, unity, and future opportunity. It is on this trip that there are many other Diamonds and Blue Diamonds here from Univera Korea (this is their equivalent of Diamond Club). He reflected that some of these Diamonds started with him 20, 25, and even 32 years ago when they first began. He reminded each of us that with this team, over the years, learned, persevered, stumbled, and grew together.

conversations-at-dinnerBill reminded us that those who were there many years ago were extremely well off today, with financial success they only once dreamed about–though their success was not just limited to financial prosperity. His point, clearly, was that so it will be with Univera North America. Those that begin today, that learn, persevere, stumble, and grow together will have a limitless opportunity for future years to come.

I hope that you hear firsthand from some of those with us tonight the magic in what we have as a Company, an owner, and each other. I have been to many wonderful dinners and events over my career: Black Tie receptions, dinners, fund raisers, inaugural events, and various other fanfare and recognition events. I have worked for several incredible Companies and with some exceptionally talented people. Yet, tonight, I found myself in the magic of the moment among the most exceptional evenings in my business career. And I write about it tonight, late into the evening, so you can share a glimpse of Bill’s commitment and our opportunity together.

flc-and-billTonight, I felt an innate sense of pride–not in a presumptuous sense–in our Company. More like a sense of pride that one might feel about their heritage or family. It was a pride in knowing who we are, a pride of our leadership as well as all those who touch our Company. It was a warm sense of satisfaction and commitment with the leaders at the table, those of the Field Leadership Council, and each of you whom they represent. A pride in you, who you are and what we want to become.

This trip is not just about the Field Leadership Council. It’s about each of you as well as our future together. In some small way, sitting 10,000 miles away overlooking a full moon reflecting on the South China Sea on a starry and exceptionally clear night–near the home of the future Veraspa Resort–that I wish to share just a glimpse of what it is that we have together and what we can become.

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