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Starting Over. Fitness Journey, Take 112…

Raz and Zoe, my first day training again for a marathon (starting ALLLL the way over!)

There’s something both totally lousy and amazingly self-inspiring about starting over. Yesterday someone asked me “When’s your next marathon?” Which was depressing as hell  funny to me, because I haven’t run one in 18 months. I don’t even see myself as a runner anymore, and certainly not a marathoner. Heck, I don’t even qualify as a [...]

The Ironman First Timers List

Ironman pic for blog

The longer I wait at this point, the more I’ll forget. So I wanted to write down a hit list of all the things I learned throughout my process of training for an Ironman triathlon. This includes a list of things I learned in preparation for, and during, the event. It is ALL jumbled together. [...]

Ironman Race Report–My First and Last (Part One)

Royce and Zoe doing the Ironman-Lift-Your-Bike-Over-Your-Head-Thing

Here’s the 1st iteration of my race report. It’s part advice for first-timers, part experience sharing, and part closure. A few caveats: 1. This will be riddled with some profanity, which I try to keep to a minimum. But for this posting I’m not going to dilute it–I’m going to share it like it happened, or [...]

My First (and Last) Ironman Attempt

Ironman Raz

June of 2012 was a super magical month for me, it was when I finally decided to get my fat self in shape. I’d always wanted to run a marathon, and for years it evaded me due to lots of things that turned out just to be mostly excuses. But I was set on giving [...]

Are the Gains All Gone?

photo 3-2

In the past couple of years I’ve finally started to get in better shape. On a body fat basis, I went from ~30% to ~10%, and of course the changes eclipsed the scale and extended to CrossFit workouts, running, and have included more recently some biking and swimming. And for this entire time, it’s been [...]

Five Fitness Hacks to Lose 50 Pounds

Weight Loss

It’s the Super Bowl Sunday. Woooohoooo! So as a result nobody is going to read this, but it’s a-okay! I have to post when I have time, and right now I have thirty minutes before my scheduled run (more on the schedule thing later). *Also, I have no idea if these hacks will help you lose [...]

The Fitness Resolutions…


So I don’t have New Years Resolutions. But for sure I will cheer on those who do. My personal philosophy is that if you want to do something you’ll start it now, whether that’s August 27th or Jan 13th. But, I totally get the allure of turning the page and a clean slate. Cheers to [...]

My Fifth and Final Marathon (at least for a while)

Sacramento marathon > Phoenix marathon > San Francisco marathon > Chicago marathon > Sacramento marathon

A week ago was the one-year anniversary of my first ever marathon, and my fifth completed in the past year. The Sacramento marathon will always be a bit of a turning point for me, I felt like if I could run it last year–then run a few more during the year–and then run Sac again [...]

Lessons Learned, Numero Tres

SF Marathon, Mile 18-ish

A few quick lessons learned from my latest marathon, which was really not a very good run, all for self-inflicted reasons. Some of my other running posts are here, here, here, and here. These are all the things I learned not to do through my personal experience of making a mistake on each item below. If [...]

“You Lose Your Face?” (my first before and after photo)

Raz before and after

If you stop by on occasion you know that I’ve been working on losing weight, after many years of going up and down. Mostly up. Usually staying up. Several things motivated me to finally make it happen; and a big one of them was seeing all these before and after pictures of different people who had [...]

Why You Should Run a Marathon (seriously)

The San Francisco Marathon Start

I have become one of those annoying “hey-I-ran-a-marathon-so-should-you” types. If you’ve never had an inkling to run a marathon, if the thought of it bores you to no end, or makes you nauseous. then read no further. But if you’ve ever had even the slightest thought of it, let me give a quick rundown on [...]

Tape ‘Em Up, and Nine Other Lessons from Two Marathons

Running a Marathon...10 Tips

A little over a year ago we took the kiddo’s to a “Girls on the Run” event. I ran a 5k with Royce, and remember how willing and able she was to do the jaunt faster than me. I kept thinking “why can’t we walk a little and enjoy the day?” and “I hope there [...]

The Long Road Home: Tuscon, the Marathon, and…The End (part three)

American Flag marathon runner

The final leg of my road trip, part one is here, part two is here, and following is part three. If you are reading this far , I’d suggest listening to this song, the Long Road Home by Mickey Newbury. Maybe as you read this. Or not. It’s a great song. In iTunes you can [...]

The Long Road Home: Part Two

I checked into Tanque Verde on a Wednesday night, and left Saturday morning. During that entire time, I had a fire going from the moment I arrived until the moment I left--as well all through the night, and would wake up to throw more logs on the fire to keep it going. 

For someone that has a hard time sitting still, I did pretty good at it at the ranch--but the fires help, they're mesmerizing. So the big breakthrough I had while in Tucson was with this book I've been struggling to finish. I started it six years ago should've finished it five years ago, and going into this week I was probably 70% "done." The problem was, I hated it. Every time I opened the document to work on it, I just didn't like it. The writing, structure, order, voice. There's nothing I liked about it. It has been 70% done for years. 

So this week, I started over. Completely over. Brand new document. Didn't carry over one word from the last one (though as I'm sure I write more, stuff will carry over). I started and finished the first chapter, and for the first time I feel like I've got some of my writing mojo back. I'm not sure what the lesson in this is, I mean surely it can't be when things are hard just ditch 'em and start over. But at the same time, maybe with some things, you do...

Anyways, this was THE breakthrough for me this week on the road trip (so far). If I hadn't lost myself with the scenes of the southwest outside and the crackling fireplace inside, away from all internet connectivity and my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/emails/surfing/texting and all other distractions, I'm not sure I would have ever had the realization that to get to where I wanted to go, I'd have to break free from what I'd done. 

I also realized that I have to unplug my life more. Yes, many of you have been telling me, and encouraging me, to do this for years. I know, and you were right. But I just had to learn it for myself.

I made it to Tucson, Arizona on Wednesday evening, and I pretty much caught up my highlight events from the first leg of my road trip with this post here. Though, I’m adding a a few more pics to the below “Part Two” even though they were from the first leg because they were fun [...]

The Long Road Home

Before leaving for my road trip back West, RoZo got their ears pierced. They were pretty excited as you can tell. Me? Ahhhhhh, well...I warmed up to the idea, eventually.

This weekend I started the trip west, from Naples Florida. I’m driving. I flew to Florida, expecting to buy a ticket back to California at some point in January, but because I have a bad habit, I mean affliction, strong enthusiasm for cars and road trips, I am driving home. Tonight I made it into [...]

My New Year’s Resolutions: Surprise!


None. Truly, I have none. For the first time since I was in my early teens. Much of what I want for 2013 I started weeks or months ago on random days. Sometimes based on arcane occurrences. For example, one major goal of mine initiated unexpectedly whilst listening to a Coldplay song as I was [...]

Sometimes You Have to Say “Screw It” (My First Marathon)

Raz Just Across Sac Marathon Finish Line

Today, I ran–and finished–my first marathon. Yesterday’s post basically covered up to this morning. I’d committed to finishing, and then to achieve what was a very difficult (for me) stretch goal of completing under four hours. Literally hours after I posted yesterday these two commitments, I met this awesome marathon coach/trainer at the CIM Expo [...]

Prepared to Fail

California International Marathon

Tomorrow is the Sacramento marathon (also known as California Marathon, or CIM). I am not really a runner. Yet, I love to run. The solidtude. Steps on the ground in a rhythmic pattern. Letting your mind wander. The runners rush after a good jaunt.  I just wasn’t built to be a long distance runner. But [...]

Running Fast(er) vs. Running Slow(er)

Rich Razgaitis

This year I did my first Turkey Trot, I think ever but there’s a chance growing up we did one. In Columbus there was this run called “The Dam Run” (Hoover Dam) and we did it a few times as a family but don’t recall if it was on Thanksgiving. And, no, I don’t want [...]

At first she HATED running…


This story out of Sports Illustrated speaks for itself, and is touching on so many levels. Physical improvement. Accountability. Teamwork. Persistence. Heart. Patriotism. Compassion. Love.  It’s a simple story of a single act that turned into something so much bigger, and for whatever reason really touched me as I read it a second time this [...]

Happy Father’s Day


Though late in the day, I’m still going to get my Father’s Day post in before “COB”, even beating midnight Eastern time. My Dad is a phenomenal individual and I really appreciate him (as well my Mom, but today is the Dad’s day) more than words can adequately express. Which might be a good thing, [...]

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