Hugging it Out: A Gas Station Bromance

Gas Station Bromance

Tonight’s post is…

Non-reflective, non-serious, and probably non-productive. But I’m loading it up anyways since I’m 30,000 feet high, a little bored, and I could use a writing fix. Plus, as loud and aggressively as I type, it’s therapeutic for me (not so sure about the passengers next to me).

There are many things I am. Quiet is not one of them.

So I’m driving to the DFW airport to jump a flight back to SFO, stop to gas up the rental car whilst also wondering to myself if Texas is considered the south as well as “bigger and better”, then why is it that I can’t buy boiled peanuts at dumpy gas stations here just like I can in NorFlor? 

I drive to the first pump, didn’t work. Second pump. Didn’t work. Third pump…Yes, seriously, didn’t work. Drove to another section of the gas station to fill up. I remember thinking exactly “WHAT in the heck is going on here and why is this happening???” My near-empty patience reservoir is being sorely tested…I’m ready to get out of Texas and it’s one of those “Everybody just leave me alone” moments.

As I’m filling up, a guy gets out of his car and looks at me. He says something about how much he likes my shoes, which, admittedly do look pretty good today. I’m always happy to get a little wardrobe validation–as I take my fair share of heat for it as well. Though he said nothing about my denim, which also looks pretty good today too. 🙂

Anyways, we kinda just smile at each other with the same type of third-grader-on-the-playground-hey-do-you-want-to-be-friends looks (note, the guys wife and kids were in his car, because I know this is starting to sound a bit bizarre). He goes into the store–apparently NOT to buy boiled peanuts–and as I’m about to leave he walks out and says hello again. I stop getting into my car, walk over and we chat it up.

Basically, we had a five minute bromance.

At the end of the conversation, we hug it out. Grab a quick photo, exchange information, and promise to stay in touch. A little strange, but I love it when things like this happen (Oddly, and in different ways, yes this type of randomness happens to me not-so-randomly).

While I find this ridiculous, and am laughing as I type at the absurdity of it, sometimes you meet certain people and you just click. Randomly. Unexpectedly. Serendipitously.

What was it?

I have no idea. Perhaps it was a coincidence.

And, just maybe, it was one of Life’s little gifts.

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