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One Year and 1,000 Miles with Bessie the VW Bus


February ’15 1. Miss a box jump at CrossFit. Grind my shin with full bodyweight. 2. I think it’s almost to the bone. Fist sized swelling. “Just walk it off.” 3. Hydrogen peroxide vs. stitches. I choose peroxide.  Four days later 4. Pain and redness…more pain. Visit doctor.  5. “OH MY GOD! VHAT DID YOU [...]

The Magic of the Guy in Seat 9A


Have you ever had a travel debacle, like an all out traveling clusterfiasco? Yeah, of course you have. And while it’s logical that your experience of debacles coincides with your frequency of travel, it also spikes in relation to the importance of getting to your destination. Of course, right? So in typical Planes, Trains, and Automobiles [...]

Anecdotes from Asia

Streets of Shanghai

My name is Rich Razgaitis. I am in Asia. And I am a type A. My patience is being tested. Not because of Asia, but because of me. And my type A-ness. Perhaps a surprise to many, I’m easy—if not downright great—to travel with. Live with? At best I’m moderately difficult. But the adventure and activity of travel [...]

Hanging for the Weekend: Surfing, and…Hair Swag?


This weekend it was just me and the kiddo’s, Royce and Zoe. “RoZo.” We had a great time, and if for nothing other than a mental memory for me down the road, I thought I’d capture highlights. Mostly a pictorial review, with a few captions summarizing along the way. 30-minutes in and RoZo have jumped [...]

Hugging it Out: A Gas Station Bromance

Gas Station Bromance

Tonight’s post is… Non-reflective, non-serious, and probably non-productive. But I’m loading it up anyways since I’m 30,000 feet high, a little bored, and I could use a writing fix. Plus, as loud and aggressively as I type, it’s therapeutic for me (not so sure about the passengers next to me). There are many things I [...]

Yep, I Attended Burning Man…And Loved It.

Sunrise at Entrance of Burning Man

About a month ago I went to Burning Man for several days. If you’ve never been, I pretty much guarantee it is everything you heard. And nothing at all. 1990 was the first year Burning Man took place on Black Rock Desert (previously on beaches in San Francisco). That was also the same year my dad [...]

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