Health Care Savings Could Start in the Cafeteria

A great article about how we can manage our own health care more effectively, and not only drive down the costs but also change the paradigm of what healthcare is…Starts in the Cafeteria (though it might start in the Cafeteria the week after the Holidays, not during! :)).

Steven Burd isn’t a doctor or a medical specialist. But he sure can talk like one.
“I can take any standard diagnostic procedure and there’s typically a five- to tenfold difference in the cost of that identical procedure, whether it’s an M.R.I., CT scan, a diagnostic catheterization, a colonoscopy, you name it,” says Mr. Burd, the chief executive of Safeway.
Four years ago, Mr. Burd, whose grocery chain is the nation’s third largest, became something of health care expert when his company saw a looming financial crisis. In 2005, Safeway was forking over $1 billion a year to provide health insurance for its workers, and the cost was rising 10 percent a year. It was Mr. Burd’s moment of truth: he realized he could no longer stand by as health care costs ballooned.

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