Winning Big in a Down Economy

bballIt’s tough to win big in business even in a good economy. It’s competitive and challenging, but it sure is easier in a boom marketplace than in a down economy. There’s never been a more difficult business environment in most our lifetimes than what we’ve experienced this past year.

But what IF, in a down economy, you could win?

And win big?

Take a look at the Univera plan we put forth on January 1st ’09, our collective approach towards “Playing to Win 2009” delivered first half results that any Executive would be thrilled to see even during good times. Considering the challenges of the past year, we’ve got a lot to both celebrate and for which we should also give thanks and gratitude.

Yet, the game’s not over! And we need to place into high gear a new level of hustle and humility so that we can accomplish the objectives we set forth nearly ten months ago. If you’re new to Univera, never heard of Univera, or are a longtime associate, you’ll love the difference–the renewal–that you can achieve through Univera.

We’ve put together a few key components to drive the second half to even greater heights. In fourteen minutes, you’ll see what we’ve done and how we’re going to finish the second half of this year in a VERY big way. Take a  look, get engaged, and let’s finish the second half of this game playing all out!

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One Reply to “Winning Big in a Down Economy”

  1. Rich,

    Univera has always amazed me in its commitment to go above and beyond expectations.

    Even when things out of Univera’s control try to de-rail the momentum, you guys stick and move like a highly trained boxer, then counter punch right back.

    Corporate Univera is an amazing team, and I commend you all of the ‘right’ choices that are made on a daily basis.

    James Roy
    Univera Associate

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