What CEOs (leaders) can learn from Paul Newman

I just returned from the Gold/Platinum Xpand your Business seminar up at Alderbrook this past weekend where my wife and I attended the concluding dinner and had a fantastic time with all those present.

While reading various emails this afternoon, I ran across a Wall Street Journal article sent to me a few weeks ago, which I’m posting below. In the spirit of the weekend of learning and leadership, and of our quest for each of us to build upon our talents and contributions as leaders, I wanted to share the article below about — of all people — Paul Newman.

It’s entitled “What CEOs Can Learn…” but I think we can all agree that it would easily extend beyond CEOs — though in these times, it’s particularly poignant for those at the top.

What CEOs Can Learn From Paul Newman

History will certainly remember Paul Newman as an icon of modern cinema. But he was far more than just an actor. Paul was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word who embodied the American ideals of extraordinary integrity, a tireless work ethic, a commitment to family, and a deep sense of responsibility to the people who made his success possible.

Paul used to joke that he had to keep making movies to support all of his philanthropic projects — and that wasn’t too far from the truth. To millions he’s perhaps better known as the face of Newman’s Own food products than he is for his superb performances in “The Hustler,” “Cool Hand Luke,” “The Verdict” and scores of other films.

Click here to read the full article.

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2 Replies to “What CEOs (leaders) can learn from Paul Newman”

  1. There is no additional comments needed when you talk about Mr. Newman and what he contributed to this world. I not talking about his finances but his wisdom of being everything a man could be to his fellow men and women. I see this in the men and women of Univera. We all have what it takes to be a person similar to Mr. Newman, we just have to utilize our talents like he did.
    L’Chaim “To Life” Univera Team
    Lake Oswego, OR

  2. Imagine being involved with a Mission that you can initially make great secondary income and eventually make an awesome full time income that is considered Passive Residual Income. At the same time, one cannot succeed financially unless they help others succeed. Imagine if this mission goes hand in hand with Philanthropy, meaning you cannot help but serve others to succeed not just financially but physically, emotionally & spiritually! Let’s take this further and now imagine that one does not have to be famous to do this! Meaning you can be as average as an average Joe! No pun intended to myself! To my family, and me this is called UNIVERA! Wow, thanks again to the insight of Yun-ho Lee and the persistence and clear intentions of Bill Lee along with such amazing leaders that are being attracted to this endeavor, like you, the corp team, science team and the field team…

    PS Kudos to Paul Newman for following his Heart…

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