Road Tour highlights video

It has been both a long and fast month, and the travel finally caught up with me as you can see from my missing blog entries for the past few weeks.
But a few topics are screaming through my mind, from the current financial marketplace (and opp’s that it provides) and our future trends to some highlights of our recent 2009-2011 planning workshop the ECONET leadership participated in this past weekend in Lyford, Texas, the historical home of aloe and the precursor to Univera.
So more writing to come, but for now enjoy this wrap up video of the road tour that captures some of the highlights we experienced–and thanks to every person who participated along the way.

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2 Replies to “Road Tour highlights video”

  1. Great Video Raz, I decided to check my email, Yes on Sunday!, but you will be glad to know that I am not dipping into my family time, I am watching the Dallas Cowboys (Soon to be Arlington Cowboys!) playing the San Francisco 49rs… Great Video and we are again very thankful for all that you guys have done to come closer to your audience… Excited about the present and the future.. All the best…

  2. Hi Joe, great hearing from you. Appreciate greatly your team, enthusiasm, and attitude. It’s amazing what a difference mindset makes.

    Go Cowboys!


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