The Cowboys vs. the Longhorns

okcity_re-szied3Oklahoma City had a great meeting last spring with over 200 people at a luncheon event.

This week’s event was a little trickier: a Friday night at 7 p.m. during high school football season. And the Oklahoma State Cowboys were set to play the Texas Longhorns the following day. About 125 people still showed up to our room. Along with FOUR GIANT PILLARS that decided to plant themselves evenly spaced at the very front of the room, serving as a beautiful blockade between the stage and the audience. Actually, it was quite hilarious.

So the energy wasn’t exactly buzzing with any of us in the room that night; it was both fun but a little flatter than the prior event. Joel Canon made up for it though; that guy is pretty excitable. A few days earlier, a maintenance person started messing with the stage, and Michael Jr. incorporated him into the comedy.

okcity_re-sized2okcity_re-sized1Well this night, we decided to add a twist and had a maintenance person come in the middle of Michael’s gig and move the podium — though this time, he only moved it like ten feet. Michael thought it was hilarious, and that served to open his Q&A time with the audience, which some of you will still see in our few coming events.

Afterwards, Michael, Regan, and I ate some local food at a nearby restaurant; and from our waitress (not sure, but I think her name was Madison), we heard another story that’s becoming all too familiar in our country today. A hard-working woman who had a few unexpected expenses (some large car repair bills) among other things caused her to get behind on rent payments and was just evicted that week from her apartment. The news and the stories we’re hearing are a little sobering, but at the same time, it makes for all the better news in sharing the freedom of the business opportunity.


From there, we headed south to Austin on game day. The place was packed with energy, and this is one cool city to begin with.

austin_re-sizedPrior to the event, we started the evening at the Club Lounge (Regan and Stephen had access; mysteriously, neither Michael nor I were on the Club-level floor). Traveling with a comedian is pretty hilarious, but it’s taken a while to figure out what’s a joke and what’s a serious question or statement coming from Michael.

Or Regan for that matter.

You put a yellow personality along with a comedian, and you’re asking for some trouble and a lot of one liners. And when it really gets raucous, there’s a few of us who will start laughing like Michael Jr. (he has this “HeeeeHAAAAA” way of laughing during his show, followed often by a statement: “Man, that was hysterical… And I just make that up on the spot… I am hilarious.”) So I think we’re doing a decent job of dishing it out as well as taking it so far.

austin_re-sized2At the Club level, we met a few other people who almost became enticed enough through our good times to come to the Univera event, but we couldn’t quite convince them to cancel their plans and join.

So we showed up to the event, and about a hundred people were there -— which really, I have to say, impressed all of us given that it was BOTH a Saturday night AND right after the Longhorns won the game a few hours earlier.

Those who attended were in great spirits -— at tie for the energy level at Denver. Michael Jr. was absolutely hilarious this night; and Regan and Stephen as usual were great.

Gerald King gave this great testimonial, telling the story of his own personal experience of taking Xtra among other products and seeing his own personal interest and performance in triathlons increase so significantly, which sparked again his participation in these types of events.

austin_rre-sized1At the end we had some great dialogue with the local leadership as well as new Associates. I met a few new people who had just enrolled that week who were so excited about the opportunity and the prospect. Stephen always has a swarm of people around him after each event; this one was no different.

What I realized between San Antonio and Austin is that as Americans, and citizens of this world, we have three choices as we face the economic calamity before us, which is unprecedented in so many ways.

1. Panic. This, clearly, isn’t helpful or constructive. Good decisions are not often made during a period of panic.

2. Paralysis. This, also, isn’t useful. If you’re in a storm, you HAVE to seek shelter, but must be wise in doing so.

austin_re-sized33. Proactivity. This, clearly, is the course to take, using the information we have to take control of your financial future.

But, more on this at either a Road Tour event or another blog. For now, we’re signing off and headed off to the Knoxville event for a Monday morning breakfast.

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  1. Hello Raz, Regan, Stephen and MJ for coming to Texas. We made the trip with about 15 of our team members from Dallas Ft. Worth on Saturday and more then 1/2 of the people there from our team were New! It was a 3 1/2 our journey one-way but worth every minute! The message was perfect and the messengers nailed it perfectly. We know that this road tour was a very, very big commitment from Univera and especially from each of you and your beautiful families. We are all on a mission to spread the good word of Univera and will not stop until we have created a legacy to leave behind for our families and this beautiful planet. Thanks again for this amazing event…

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