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Happy 10th Birthday Buddy

Happy Birthday Buddy

This is my annual birthday post for Levi (though a few days late). If you’re interested, the prior birthday posts are here:  Happy 9th Birthday Buddy, Happy 8th Birthday Buddy, Happy 7th Birthday Buddy, Happy 6th Birthday Buddy, Happy 5th Birthday Buddy, and Happy 4th Birthday Buddy. Hi Buddy, This one is late by about ten days, for reasons you already [...]

Zoe’s New Business Idea (and the 99% problem)

Raz and RoZo at Ikea discussing start-ups at lunch

Some people think the magic to a successful business is all in the idea. Of course a good idea matters. Ideally it’s one you’re passionate about. But there are no shortage of good ideas–and probably close-to-identical ones that came before yours. After the idea, you’re less than 1% of the way there. The other 99% [...]

Happy 5th Birthday Buddy


Here’s my annual disclaimer: The reason I write in my blog is to connect with people. Not just from one segment of life, but from many. Usually the focus revolves around finding your purpose, passion, and renewal. And as part of the thread of stories I try to share experiences and observations in leadership, volunteerism, [...]

Authenticity…From a Kid


  Thursday night I was at dinner with my family; it was a gorgeous evening crisp and clean air quickly cooling by the nightfall from a warm and sunny day. Just one of those great casual evenings consisting of hangout-with-the-family time. Royce, my seven-year old daughter, was really being quite loving with me. She kept [...]

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