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One Year and 1,000 Miles with Bessie the VW Bus


February ’15 1. Miss a box jump at CrossFit. Grind my shin with full bodyweight. 2. I think it’s almost to the bone. Fist sized swelling. “Just walk it off.” 3. Hydrogen peroxide vs. stitches. I choose peroxide.  Four days later 4. Pain and redness…more pain. Visit doctor.  5. “OH MY GOD! VHAT DID YOU [...]

Hanging for the Weekend: Surfing, and…Hair Swag?


This weekend it was just me and the kiddo’s, Royce and Zoe. “RoZo.” We had a great time, and if for nothing other than a mental memory for me down the road, I thought I’d capture highlights. Mostly a pictorial review, with a few captions summarizing along the way. 30-minutes in and RoZo have jumped [...]

Sometimes You Have to Say “Screw It” (My First Marathon)

Raz Just Across Sac Marathon Finish Line

Today, I ran–and finished–my first marathon. Yesterday’s post basically covered up to this morning. I’d committed to finishing, and then to achieve what was a very difficult (for me) stretch goal of completing under four hours. Literally hours after I posted yesterday these two commitments, I met this awesome marathon coach/trainer at the CIM Expo [...]

Prepared to Fail

California International Marathon

Tomorrow is the Sacramento marathon (also known as California Marathon, or CIM). I am not really a runner. Yet, I love to run. The solidtude. Steps on the ground in a rhythmic pattern. Letting your mind wander. The runners rush after a good jaunt.  I just wasn’t built to be a long distance runner. But [...]

How Shattering my iPhone 4S Gave me Clarity

Apple Store Burlingame CA

Last night I was leaving a meeting late at night, while jumping (not literally) into the car I dropped by beloved iPhone 4s on the pavement and the screen shattered (literally). Five years of iPhone usage, and I’ve never dropped any of my iPhones (though I have submerged an iPhone in the salty Ocean while [...]

Doctors, McDonalds, Airports, Associates, Oh My!


This morning I departed Orange County to head back to Seattle. At the airport and in line at McDonalds (Egg McMuffin w/ only one piece of bread, extra egg—280 cal’s, not bad—but for that and a decaf $8.91—not good! Makes Essentials seem like a bargain) I chuckled, reflecting back on our Road Tour in the [...]

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