A Great Fall Weekend at Xpand Your Business

With one-month Diamonds Luis and Gladys Cetina (left)

You could not ask for a better place to spend this past October weekend than at the Alderbrook Resort in Union, Wash., reveling in the great achievements of our newest Gold and Platinum Associates this past year.

Enjoying the fall atmosphere at AlderbrookBetween enjoying the crisp, cool fall air, the turning colors of the trees, and the magnificent view of the Olympics reflected in the clear waters of Hood Canal, can you believe we got a lot of work done as well?

I always say that big decisions are made at big events like this one. And between meetings with the Field Leadership Council and members of the Montreal leadership, I’m so excited for what’s to come in this last quarter of 2009, looking ahead to 2010! There were also great training workshops with everyone in attendance and even greater stories shared. I loved the heartfelt community-building and the recognition of so many deserving folks who worked so hard all year!

Celebrating with Marcella and David SkultetyIt was a sold-out event with probably about 80 different Associate accounts represented, and I’m thinking we actually had the entire resort here locked up for the weekend. I’m so grateful for everyone who made this such a memorable event.

If you were on our waiting list and didn’t get to attend, I’m really sorry you missed this great weekend, but never fear! Our next big event happens later this month at the Portland, Ore. Super Regional beginning October 23!

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