Chi-town Event

Chi-town rocked tonight.

It was a good sized group, about 150, but there were a lot of guests there. At least half. Probably more. 

And, Stephen? On fire. On message. Nailed the products. Was dead on time, exactly 20 minutes. Hilarious. With not one diversion. 

Yep, today we (re) introduced Stephen DVD. And while not quite as good as the “live” version, it still served as a really strong tool to support the meeting. 

You can see some of the highlights from people who participated in the video below.


Tim Kaufman hosted; sincerely, it was probably the best job of hosting a meeting I have ever seen. He set it up really clearly, was charming yet convicting, serious yet easygoing. He’s a natural talent, and connects exceptionally well with people. 

Also, Diamonds Mark and Patty Middleton, David and Becky Ylinen, and Tony Fightmaster were also attending–along with leaders and associates from the Greater (and much greater, incl. Indiana/Mich/etc.) Chicago area. 

And we kept the meeting to under 90-minutes, which I think is really helpful to maintaining energy in the room–and enabling all the guests to ask question and talk afterwards. In fact, Regan and I spent an hour after the meeting just mingling with people–and when we left there were still at least 30 people hanging out talking about the business, showing people how to get started and work the business or start on the products. 

It’s known as…building momentum! 🙂 

We always leave Chicago feeling like it was one of our favorite (didn’t say THE favorite, just one of!) events–and we always leave knowing that we’ll be back sometime soon.

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